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LUKE 7:2-10 tells about the centurion solider's faith. Jesus was so impressed with his faith, he healed the solder's servant. This centurion had Faith in his Authority. This is a kingdom principle about faith and authority. Verse 8 says the solider was UNDER authority, he tells other soldiers what to do and they do it, no questions asked.

As a believer under Authority (willingly SUBMITTED) to Jesus's lordship, we can speak to evils, sickness, poverty and even demons, and they must obey. The principal is get under Authority and your given Authority.

Apply this principle to ONE specific mountain (Mark 11). NOW you must build up your faith FIRST. FAITH comes by hearing ( ing-means continuously) Roman 10:17. Read, pray and meditate DAILY on Mark 11: 23-26 1John 5:14,15, any other faith scriptures. This is activating your faith. God honors faith. Pray the Promises found in the scriptures. This is building your faith to believe in your heart.

1JOHN 14: 12 Jesus said,"...He that believeth (th- means continuous) on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater . .."

Luke 10:19 Jesus said"...Behold, I have given you AUTHORITY..." You have been given Authority ( But only if your under Authority) , NOW take authority over that mountain in your life, and SPEAK ONLY once to the mountain, just continue to thank God until manifestation.

If your faith seems to be fading, don't lose heart, rehearse faith scriptures. Pray in the spirit, Jude 1:20 .


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