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things are Turning around THURSDAY

HEBREWS 1: 16b...BUT HE DOES GIVE ASSISTANCE TO THE SEED OF ABRAHAM. If your the seed of Abraham your eligible for angelic assistance. Read Galatians 3:16.

Believe me this post is Holy Spirit inspired, to many confirming words, not to be sign for us. Although we are not to LIVE by signs, (but the just shall LIVE faith) He is our helper and comfort, when we need Help. He is a help in the time of need. Whenever I ask for a word for God's people, He answers me, always, it's because I ask in FAITH. Holy Spirit gave me the title last night, but gave the content early this morning. When I texted today I knew I was to put the two together. He was giving angels to aide us in working our Marketplace Ministry, our life's work, our God given purpose. I admonish you to accept this aide from your assigned angels. BAH

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