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When I woke up this morning, I sensed something strong, vibrant and unusual but good. I expected HOLY SPIRIT to give me a word for Living Word and He did. ''ENCOURAGEMENT". That was the word and that was what I felt "ENCOURAGEMENT". It felt, so GOOD, so GOD, it was a Spiritual Surge of Strength is the best way to describe it. I want it last all day, all month, forever. What happened? how did this happen? I began to thank God for it and I thought about Living Word text this morning.

A shepherd always thinks about feeding his sheep, a teacher always thinks about educating his students, and a parent always thinks about nurturing his children. That's what God was doing for me. Giving me Encouragement.

While I didn't believe I was suffering from DISCOURAGEMENT, I thought someone maybe suffering from it. My next move was to study it ,share it, get revelation and give it to that someone who needed it.

Pastor R. Ferguson of Spirit of Life Church ( my son) shared with us, "never live unto yourself", without realizing it I've lived most of my adult practicing this kingdom principle. Romans 14:7, Philippians 2:3 .This is why I'm so bless. Kingdom principles are immutable.

I'v often heard preacher say, "encourage yourself". I'm sure I've said it, but to end the sentence without completely reading it may cause error. This is why one must ''STUDY" for oneself. It is the Pastor job to bring you the message, but your responsibility to "STUDY". Read the rest of the verse: but David ENCOURAGED himself in the Lord his God. The word encouraged here means STRENGTHENED. He didn't strengthen himself in himself, but rather David straightened himself IN THE LORD HIS GOD. VERSE 6. The ending of the sentence is key, it tells us how David strengthened himself in the Lord his GOD. Let's divide the text ,line upon line, precept upon precept.


IN the Lord his God- The Lord here means JEHOVAH, David recalls God's Covenant. Covenant means AGREEMENT. It is impossible for God to lie or break a promise.The Davidic Covenant in found in Jeremiah 23:5, Isaiah 9:7, Luke 1:32, Acts 13:34 and Revelation 3:7.

verse 7 "AND David said to Abiathar the priest, I pray you bring me here the ephod-David consulted with Godly counsel. The ephod was a priestly garment.

VERSE 8 "AND David inquired at the Lord's saying, shall I pursue after this troop?- David prayed, sought Godly counsel and waited to hear God tell him what to do.

verse 19".DAVID recovered ALL".- He STRENGTHENED himself, in the LORD his GOD.

This is not finished, but is only a brief result of studying, waiting to be edited.

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