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Begging you, BELIEVE

Holy Spirit has graced me with a JEREMIAH anointing. Pastor Jeremiah had one message 'REPENT' he cried, pleaded and BEGGED God's people to change, and return back to GOD. This is my burden, begging Living Word to listen to me before God does something drastic and you miss your season of God's visitation. Prophet Jeremiah's message lasted for over 40 years. Jeremiah 32: 33, 34. Jeremiah contains 52 chapters, it's long but interesting and intriguing.

While God is immutable, His operations are seasonal, He visually demonstrate this by the change of seasons He created. Ecclesiastes 3: 1 There actually are 5 seasons, winter, summer, fall, spring and DUE SEASON. Jesus was born in the fullness of time, God had everything set in place for the appropriate season for Jesus to be born. Everything surrounding his birth was strategic. Same with us. Galatians 4: 4 ... when the fullness of TIME had come, GOD sent forth His Son,....

GOD is selfish and jealous. He desire you put HIM first and HE always wants MORE. This method of getting more is called" pruning". John 15: 1,2 It doesn't feel good but it's necessary. HE will never be satisfied leaving you, the way HE found you. God demands we grow. HE planned and permitted HIS only BEGOTTEN SON TO BE CRUCIFIED so HE could have more sons. Unless the seed die in the ground it cannot reproduce.John 12: 24.

Morning Manna are just bite size appetizers, their intended to provoke your appetite to desire more. Spiritual Growth and Development requires more of God's word, more effort on our part. Pastor Rickey says, " we read and study the bible to increase our relationship with God" not just for sermon ,Ironically I would encourage our local assembly ministers in training to read and pray the WORD daily and suggest, be ye always ready, Insinuating be PREPARED on any given Sunday to minister.

God will not allow Morning Manna just to appease our appetite, giving us a quick cup of coffee, to help us wake up int the morning. We need MEAT. Hebrews 5:14. I purposely only give a portion of scripture, trusting you will look up the entire verse, paragraph and chapter.

After a period of time God desire we Grow in faith. He told me {after years}," I WANT ALL OF YOU," this came at a time I was really doing ministry( my perception ). I was doing ministry, but lacking in RELATIONSHIP with Holy Spirit. Now, I can't wait to get in HIS PRESENCE. IT'S the most wonderful experience one could have. No word can describe it. SO I'M BEGGING YOU to desire it. The more you give the more your desire will increase to spend time with HIM. Draw near to God, He will draw near to you.

FINALLY, I'm BEGGING you, BELIEVE what I'm sharing with you is True. Mark 4: 4," Man cannot live (grow, mature,) by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God". That appetizer is not enough to live on.

More to come, Apostle

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